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About Børsen Creative

Børsen Creative is Børsen’s commercial editorial team. Our core product is captivating storytelling that creates authenticity around companies and brands. Specifically, we help Børsen’s advertising customers to tell their story in the form of articles, video, audio, images and events within the category “advertiser-paid content”. 

Børsen Creative plays an important role in developing Børsen’s commercial solutions so that they are up to date in an ever changing media world. Our team’s journalistic background, combined with creativity and business insight, is vital for ensuring the quality and content of the commercial partnerships into which we enter. 

At Børsen Creative, we are proud that we can use our knowledge and solutions not just to help Børsen as a business, but also to create value for our customers and readers.

It was a brilliantly written article with longevity. And it’s still alive now nearly a year later! I’ve just sold a painting based on it.

– Alice Secher, owner, Secher Fine Art & Design

Maria Rossen, head of Børsen Creative

Maria is a trained journalist who for the past nine years has worked at the interface between journalism and marketing. Maria works with concept development, content strategy and content production across digital platforms and print. As creative head of Børsen Creative, she ensures that the collaboration between Børsen and the advertiser results in a well-defined concept and content, thereby ensuring an effective campaign that optimally engages the target group with quality content as well as balancing Børsen’s editorial brand and the advertiser’s business goals.

+45 72 42 50 27

Christian Bartels, commercial editor

Aesthetic flair and commercial insight, combined with strong journalistic ideals, make Christian a perfect fit for the commercial editorial team. With a background as a journalist in fields such as sport, business and cars, Christian is able to effectively translate the customers’ messages into the journalistic narrative format. He produces content that creates engagement and conversions.


+45 72 42 52 84

Fredrik Malte Petersen, commercial journalist

Fredrik is a digital journalist with a special passion for tech, innovation and everything that the future will hold. Despite having only a few years’ experience in the world of journalism, he writes with extraordinary persuasion – and wherever possible with incisive humour and a personal touch. Fredrik is also experienced with moving images and loves putting his video camera and microphone to use when stories need to live and sparkle across digital platforms.


+45 72 42 50 96

Laura Bisted Jacobsen, commercial editor

Laura is an experienced project manager who is at ease working at the interface between journalism and commercial communications. She has a background as both a classic newspaper journalist and a PR consultant, giving her a natural aptitude for combining journalistic methods with advertisers’ strategic wishes. With her academic background, she is happy wading through dry reports to come up with the good story. Laura is passionate about producing fascinating stories that inspire readers and hold their attention.


+45 72 42 50 89

Jesper Nordlund, head of partnerships 

Jesper has many years’ experience of branded content and commercial partnerships. He is responsible for advising existing and future Børsen advertisers concerning the various partnering opportunities across Børsen’s products and platforms. With his strong business acumen and creativity, he ensures that the commercial partnerships at Børsen are value-creating and develop into more longer-term collaborations.


+45 72 42 50 31

Katrine Grønsund, head of campaign advice 

Katrine has several years’ experience of digital marketing and works with the management of native advertising campaigns on Børsen’s digital channels, including borsen.dk, Linkedin and Facebook. With her strong business acumen and data-driven mindset, she ensures that the content from the commercial editorial team is put out and thrives as well as possible to create value for Børsen’s readers and results for Børsen’s advertising customers.


+45 72 42 50 55

Mark Hallander, campaign adviser

With a solid background from the financial sector, a consultancy firm and an agency, Mark has considerable experience of running campaigns for a range of advertisers. On a day-to-day basis, he advises our customers on how their brands – in the context of their general strategies – can be positioned and executed holistically across Børsen’s channels to create effect. He also has responsibility for a number of business-developing initiatives that ensure the continued development of commercial solutions at Børsen Brands.


 +45 72 42 31 51

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